Women in Triathlon

Proportionally speaking, the number of women in triathlon is low. This is disappointing, because given the right tools, women regularly excel in the sport. With a little inspiration, a good dose of determination and proper guidance, sky’s the limit when it comes to women in triathlon.

Why Not Me?!?!

In July of 2016 we coached Simon, Joe and Brian to their first IRONMAN finish line in Lake Placid.

Needless to say, it was an EPIC feat and an incredible accomplishment.

Not only was it a life changing experience for these three men, who all met as members of Team RTA, but it was a game changer for their wives.

Following IRONMAN, each of their wives separately asked themselves, “why not me?” None of them were runners. They hadn’t ever been on road bikes. And none of them had experience swimming laps. Additionally, they were all busy, working mom with not a lot of free time.

However, this didn’t stop them. Instead of saying “some day,” they made the decision to get to work immediately.


Anything You Can Do I Can Do…

Less then two weeks after IRONMAN, the women got to work.

They each asked us to coach them. And ff course we agreed!

We mapped out a training program that would work for their busy schedules, but also allow them to properly train for the triathlon.  Additionally, they wanted us to work with them 1 on 1 to teach them how to swim, bike and run properly.


The first goal was to be prepared to do a sprint triathlon in the beginning of October. This left the women with about 2 months to get in shape and learn how to do EVERYTHING (including becoming comfortable swimming in the open water) .

The ultimate goal was to be ready to rock the inaugural IRONMAN Lake Placid 70.3 the following September (swim 1.2 mi, bike 56 mi, run 13.1 mi).




Getting ready for a half iron distance triathlon in about 1 year’s time (from scratch) is no easy task. It is possible, but it takes a lot of hard work, persistence and dedication. I know we’re bias, but working with a coach helps significantly.

A good coach will map out an attainable training schedule, keep you motivated and hold you accountable. The entire process and relationship becomes a serious educational experience.


Nothing good in life comes easy.

Each of these women put in a ton of hard work as they jumped outside of their comfort zone and tackled their goals. They all made sacrifices along the way and it wasn’t easy. But they stuck to the plan and did what they had to do. Grit is a word that comes to mind when thinking of this trio and what they did (and still do).

Long story short, each of them busted their butts and achieved their goals. First the sprint triathlon and then ultimately the half IRONMAN in Lake Placid. Since Lake Placid, they have all gone on to compete in other triathlons.




RTA Triathlon is a proud 4 time recipient of the Women for Tri Triathlon Club grant presented by the IRONMAN Foundation. The purpose of the grant is to support triathlon clubs as they undertake activities including clinics, seminars and educational lectures, social gatherings, and related activities to increase women’s participation in triathlon.

You can learn more about Women for Tri here.


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