FREE Webinar for Triathletes

“What You Should Be Doing… NOW!”

LIVE – Thursday, 11/19 @ 7pm


The late fall and early winter can be a tricky time of year for triathletes. The weather is getting cooler and the days shorter. HOWEVER, if this time is used well, it can set you up to have an incredible season in the year to come.

When: Thursday, 11/19 @ 7pm EST

Where: Zoom (registration below)

Who: Triathletes looking to be successful in 2021


  • Establishing Goals
  • Select & Sign up for Races
  • Determine Your Plan of Attack
  • Time Needed to Prepare
  • Daily & Weekly Training Regimen SNAP Shot
  • How to Stay Motivated Through the Colder Weather



Chris Kaplanis
Professional Coach & Co-Founder of RTA Triathlon

*This webinar will be recorded and available for those who register, but cannot attend the LIVE event. You MUST register to receive the recording and accompanying slides.


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