Open For Business & We Want to Help YOU

With every CHALLENGE, comes OPPORTUNITY – in sport and life in general. Despite the current chaos, we are open for business and here to help you.

While area fitness facilities and pools are currently closed indefinitely due to COVID-19 / Corona Virus, we want you to know that RTA Triathlon is open for business and we want to help you. As a predominantly online service provider we can keep you (or get you) fit, healthy and on track to crush your future goals. THIS IS WHAT WE DO.

Time to Pivot & Reframe

The pools may be closed, but now’s the perfect time to pivot and focus on WHAT WE DO HAVE (and staying healthy).

We have been coaching TRIATHLON, RUN and GENERAL FITNESS professionally for 10 years AND the majority of our coaching is done VIRTUALLY. Having an experienced coach now couldn’t be more valuable as we navigate the current state of affairs AND doing so WITHOUT OVER STRESSING the body.

Interested in some guidance? We are open for business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep you on track using what you have available.


THANK YOU to Our Current & Past Clients

Over the past couple weeks we have had athletes past and present reach out to start/extend their coaching programs. Still others bought gift certificates for future services. We continue to be incredibly grateful for each and everyone of you in our community.

You are all amazing. As a small business and with the uncertainty of how long this situation will last, it means so much to know you believe in us to push forward and persevere.

If you are in a position to purchase a gift certificate or similar, please reach out.

As mentioned above, we would love the opportunity to help you stay/become fit through virtual triathlon, run or general fitness programs (this IS what we do). Already have a program, but confused on how you should adapt given the gyms/pools are closed? We are offering virtual consults to keep you on track.

We are incredibly grateful for you all and we will get through this together. Be smart and stay healthy and remain fit. God bless.


Chris & Elizabeth Kaplanis

co-founders: RTA Triathlon

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