Zwift: Structured Group Workouts

We are proud to announce we will be 1 of just a handful of Triathlon Clubs / Triathlon Coaching Organizations in the WORLD to offer virtual structured group rides on Zwift.

What the heck does this mean?

Here’s the Deal

Instead of lugging your bike and/or trainer to another place, we’ll all be able to workout together from home. These workouts will be open to current RTA Tri Club members.


Not a member? Join HERE.


It doesn’t matter how good or bad of a rider you are, EVERYONE will virtually stay together and get an AWESOME WORKOUT.

Each rider will be able to see everyone else cycling (avatar) and communicate with the group while riding. It’s simple and VERY cool!

Each workout will be written by Coach Elizabeth or Chris Kaplanis. They will have a specific purpose so that you MAXIMIZE the time you have to train.

We are expecting to have rides up and running in January of 2019. We’ll start with Saturday morning rides while the weather is cold and eventually move to early morning weekday rides.

The actual start date will be announce very soon.


You’ll need to get on Zwift if you’re not already. Zwift charges a nominal fee of $15/mo and you can cancel at any time.

A smart trainer is most ideal for Zwift, but it’s not necessary. If you visit Zwift’s website, it will explain exactly what you need and how you can get set up.

If you need to get a trainer or would like to upgrade to a “smart trainer,” I recommend connecting with CycleSport in Park Ridge, NJ (our Team Bike Shop) and/or connecting with Mike, the shop’s owner. mike@cyclesportonline.com. They offer in store demos.



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