Virtual Ride #9
“HOT Tamale”

WHEN: Thursday, 5/14 @ 7:00pm

WHERE: *Virtual ZOOM Meeting & Facebook LIVE  

NEW – ZWIFT Meet Up for this Ride (in addition to the Zoom and FB Live). Obviously, you must have Zwift to do this. If you do, DETAILS AT THE VERY BOTTOM.

*ZOOM meeting available only for RTA Club members. Details on how to join in the Team App

**Non RTA members can join via Facebook LIVE.

WHO: ANYONE who wants a little company while they get a coached workout. FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Feel free to share with friends.

~ COVID-19 Virtual Group Ride Details ~

This week’s workout: 

“HOT Tamale”


Total Time: 71 minutes

Warm Up: 
5 min @ 55-65% – rpm: 80-90; (RPE: 4-5/10)
8 x :30 @ 100% (RPE: 9/10) / :30 sec @65%


Main Set:

6 min @ 75% (7/10); rpm: 90

5 min @ 110% (10/10); rpm: 65-70

4 min @ 90% (8/10); rpm: 90

1 min @ 150% (13/10); rpm: 60-65


Cool Down:
10 min @ 55% (4/10); rpm: 80-90


Download the “ERG” power file:


Trainer Road / ROUVY / ect


Interested in ZWIFT? Click HERE to learn more and get set up.


1. Contact us with your Zwift name so we can send you an invite to the Meet Up. Also, you must follow Coach Chris (Zwift: Chris Kaplanis #RTAtri). This allows us to send the invite.

2.*Download the Zwift workout file below AND import the file to Zwift. You’ll need to go to the “Zwift” folder on your computer THEN the “Workout” folder and paste the downloaded workout here. HERE’S SOME MORE HELP.

*(if you’re an RTA Coached Athlete this will show up in your Zwift Training folder within the app just like with all of your other bike workouts)

3.On the day of the ride, get on Zwift a few minutes early to ensure everything’s good and ready to go at ride time.

4.Select Ride

5.Click – Join Meet Up

6.Select the Ride File for today via the training folder in Zwift (click the “more assistance” link below if you need help). If done properly, the workout will show up on the left of your screen.

7.Begin pedaling and start warming up. At the time of the START OF THE RIDE, YOU MUST BE PEDALING.

More Guidance:

To join the Meet up… go into Zwift:
1. Click RIDE
2. You’ll see a button to “Join the meet up” Do that.
…Then you’ll be riding in place on a bike trainer (virtually) along with everyone else prior to the start.
3. If you decide to do the workout (technically you don’t have to),… once you’re in the meet up, you will select workout like this:
MENU –> Wokrouts –> Custom Workouts –> “Name Of This Week’s Workout” –> Workout


(we will set up the Meet Up)

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