So you’ve trained and prepared for the big day and now it’s the night before! What do you do??

Well…the work is done.



Don’t go out and swim, bike, and run the course to be sure that you can. If you prepared properly, it will all come together on race day…when it counts.

Be sure you pick up your race number/packet. Typically this is done the day before, but they may have “morning of” packet pick up. Your packet will include your race number and possibly some stickers with your race number for your bike and your helmet. Please be sure to attach these numbers. It may also include any important race/course information. Read it all…there may be course changes or alerts that you need to be aware of.

Your packet may also include your timing chip-although you may also get this on race morning if they aren’t providing it in advance. They should provide an chip bracelet for your ankle.


Rule #2

Don’t forget your timing chip. Without it, you are an unknown and invisible to the timing mats. You will be disqualified. Your packet may also include some race sponsor samples and coupons. BONUS!

Look over your bike. Check your tires for any glass or debris that you can remove. Be sure to inflate your tires to the recommended pressure. Affix any race numbers. Get your bike water bottles together–whatever you plan to use on race day. Bring them to transition filled–you may NOT be able to get water the morning of.

Get your transition bag together with everything you will need for the morning. Lay out your clothes and go through your checklist of everything that you need. Keep yourself organized-it will help keep your head clear.

Eat Early. Eat what you normally eat. Eat a NORMAL portion.


Rule #3

DON’T eat what you don’t normally eat. The night before is not the time to experiment with Indian food or Alfredo if you typically don’t eat that.


Rule #4

DON’T OVEREAT. Please, it will just sit in your stomach and make you uncomfortable. Be sure to sip water all evening. Keep yourself hydrated.

Get a GOOD nights sleep. Shut it down. Even if you just lay there..close your eyes and mediate. Try to get as many hours of rest as possible. Rest is even more important than your pre race meal.

Get up early enough to go to the bathroom and not feel rushed. Eat a normal breakfast and try to get it in 2-3 hours before the event. Again, DONT overeat. You will just feel sluggish and heavy. You can take a gel or drink a sports drink during the hour before the start. You can sip water all morning.