Transition CK     PILE     Transition Area
In the morning, before the race, you will set up your transtion area. When you check in, the race directors will let you know if you have a designated area or if it is “first come, first serve”. Typically your space will correlate to your race number. So you walk into the transition area and you will look for your number–typically a sticker stuck on the racks. (racks meaning bike racks where you will hang your bike). This is where you will set up.


Rule #1.

Don’t spread your crap all over the place. Space is tight…please be courteous of your neighbor. So first things first, place your bike on your rack. Now that your hands are free from holding your bike, start to unpack your transition bag. Make yourself 2 different piles….1 for T1 and the 2nd for T2.


Rule #2.

“Pre Race Pile” = Swim stuff. Pile 1 is for T1=Bike stuff. Pile 2 is for T2=Run stuff. Keep bike stuff separate from run stuff.

“Pre-Race PILE.”
You will likely have a pre-race pile which will include your race swim cap, goggles, body glide (to prevent wetsuit chaffing) and your wetsuit. Typically, you will wear the clothes that you will bike in under your wetsuit (tri top and tri shorts). You will need this for when you are all done setting up and are ready to head down to the water for the race start. Please know what time your “Wave” goes off. (typically it is not a mass start and you will go off with your designated group at a certain time. This time will be made known to you when you pick up your race number).

  • Helmet
  • Shoes
  • Socks (if you wear them)
  • Sunglasses (you can rest them inside your helmet to protect them)
  • Race number (attached to a race belt if you use one)
  • Gel or nutrition that isn’t attached to your bike that you plan to use
  • Small towel (optional, to wipe your feet clean before you put your shoes on..they will be wet from the water)
  • Chamois creme–(optional–you can slather it in your shorts (on your private areas) to prevent chaffing from the bike saddle)

  • Run sneakers
  • Hat or visor
  • Socks if you wear them
  • Gel or nutrition you plan to carry
  • Water bottle/fuel belt (optional)

Rule #3.

DO NOT wear your bike shorts while you swim. The pad is like a diaper and will fill up with water. It will be a big mess for you when you try to run. Tri Shorts have a low profile pad that will wick the water away from your skin. If you do not have a wetsuit, you can swim in a bathing suit or your “Tri shorts/top”. IF you wear a bathing suit then you will need to have tri shorts and a top to put on in T1. However, its very uncomfortable to attempt to run in a bathing suit later on in the race….and its a bit weird if not illegial to strip down naked in T1 to put on dry clothes. Ironman is different-because they have a changing tent. Please spare the crowd and race supporters and keep your clothes on.

After the race, you will go back to transtion and collect your belongings before you go on to T3. (see above). Try not to throw your stuff everywhere. Be courteous of your fellow racers. Keep to yourself and try to keep your belongings in your own space.