“What Kind of Bike Should I Buy?”

If you’re new to triathlon, you may be asking yourself, should I buy a road bike or a tri bike. We get this question all of the time.


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My answer to most beginners is this: If you’re NOT use to riding a road bike outside and you doin’t have a road bike yet, then I would point you in the direction of getting a  road bike. It’s a more stable set up. It’s generally more comfortable and also a bit more versatile. It’s typically a little less expensive than a tri bike (for comparable sets ups).



Further, I consider road bikes safer and just a good way to starting riding out on the road.

Then, once your comfortable riding it and if you feel like you know triathlon is your sport and you’re still doing it a year or two or three years down the road, then at that time perhaps consider getting a tri bike.

Keep in mind, the advantage of a tri bike is riding in that aero position. However, when you’re in the aero position, you are a lot less stable. And if you’re not use to riding on the road, the aero position may be a little unnerving.

So, my recommendation is to start with a road bike, become comfortable riding on the road. Practice clipping in and clipping out. Then, a couple years down the line, make that upgrade to a tri bike if it’s still something you’re interested in.



Tri Bike vs Road Bike VIDEO:

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