Each December, just before the new year, I go for a run on a discrete and private snow-covered road in Lake Placid. I use this run as a time to reflect on the previous year. Here are a few thoughts that came to mind as we close out the 10th year of RTA…

Slamming the Door Shut On 2020

Needless to say, 2020 was a year of unprecedented uncertainty. It required us to dig deep, become flexible and learn to adapt. Ironically (or not), these are some of the same traits that make endurance athletes successful.

This year made me think of Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken.” From experience, often, it is when we are pushed to take the metaphorical “road less traveled” that makes all the difference and creates a stronger more resilient version of ourself.

Most races this year were canceled and many goals were postponed, but believe me, when you finally cross your finish line it is going to be that much sweeter.

In part because of what we all endured this year, we couldn’t be more PROUD of ALL of our coached athletes and club members. Many of you saw absolutely incredible improvements in your fitness. Others staged and completed their races: marathons, half-iron & iron distance races and other fun challenges. While still others, used their training regimen as a dependable way to remain sane and relieve stress.

We are also extremely GRATEFUL for all of our coached athletes and club members. Your support and patience as we were forced to adapt as a business was incredible. Until recently, new business was non existent. And over the last several months we expected many of our athletes to drop off and discontinue coaching. However, WE WERE WRONG! … apparently having a coach through this time has been more valuable than ever!

“I’m bummed about all of the races being canceled but at age

of 50, I can confidently say I’m in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE.”

– Dave

“Having structure and predictability in at least

one part of my life has been priceless”

– Liz

“The structure & accountability of the workouts

have been more valuable than ever”

– Mike

If you’re still reading this (thank you!), we will leave you with an important reminder as we continue to work toward the light at the end of this terrible tunnel: Continue to CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL.

Things you can control:

🔹Thoughts … you’re stronger than you think

🔹Actions … consistently do what needs to be done

🔹Attitude … positivity breeds positivity

🔹Effort … always give it your BEST!

When you do all these things… you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how things turn out.

With the majority of major races for 2021 already sold out, we know you are excited to get back to racing AND we can’t wait for you to cross your finish line.

If you have any interest in being coached and learning how it works simply contact us here and we’ll set you up with a FREE 30 minute Training Strategy Consult with one of our expert coaches.

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Chris & Elizabeth Kaplanis

Co-Founders, Professional Coaches

RTA Triathlon: Coaching & Club

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