Wyckoff Triathlon – 2018

The Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Triathlon is a long time running annual “fan favorite” among triathletes in northern, New Jersey. The race is often fondly referred to as “The North Jersey World Championships.” Each year it falls on the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend.

Team RTA triathlon club makes the Wyckoff Tri a Team Race each year. The local Wyckoff YMCA puts on the event. It’s a grass roots, no frills style race that’s close to home. While it’s the perfect challenge for beginners, it also tends to bring out some tough competition.


RTA Tri Club Team Race

This year RTA had 30+ athletes who raced. While there’s nothing more fun than seeing your teammates all over the course rocking super cool kits, there’s always a ton of familiar faces from all over the community who participate.

Once again, race day was absolutely perfect. The temperature was just right and there wasn’t much wind. This allowed for some great racing.

Ultimately, RTA had a few first time finishers, many PR’s and a few podium finishes.

It was a great day!

Pictures from the race here.



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