IRONMAN Maine 70.3 – 2018

Team RTA triathlon club continued their 2018 season with an EPIC Team Race in Old Orchard Beach, ME which is about a 5 hour drive from northern, NJ. The race is perfect for first timers and the course is ideal for those looking to PR. Our triathlon club had a countless number of both (first timers & PR’s).

Destination races are always a blast! And there’s nothing more fun than traveling with a big group. RTA had about 30 athletes racing and another 40 supporters cheering.   

Overall, it was a perfect day for a triathlon – no wind, minimal heat and low humidity. The race was amazing and exceptionally well run. Logistics were ideal. Plenty of places to stay and a family friendly venue. 

The entire race and organization of the event was flawless              – RTA Club member

It was a total team consensus that we will be returning to this race in 2019. 

***Recap video at the end***

Pre Race Team Dinner

Whenever we have a destination Team Race, we try to organize a pre race team dinner for athletes their families an supporters.

Pre race dinners are a great way to help calm the nerves and allow families to meet prior to race day.

For Maine 70.3 we organized a dinner in a private room for the group. We had about 60 people attend and it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was a great set up and there was plenty of stuff to keep the kids entertained.

Pre race team dinners also allow athletes to ask last minute questions.

Additionally, this is a great time to share spectating tips including the best places to watch (the swim, bike and run) for “their athlete.”



The race started at 6:20am, which is unusually early. However this helped athletes avoid (as much as possible) the warmest part of the day.

Otherwise, the weather was perfect for a race. Sunny but not overly hot and minimal humidity. There wasn’t much wind either.




It was an ocean swim, obviously. The water was beautiful and the temperature was perfect. Since it was low tide when the race started, athletes were able to run a ways out into the water before starting to actually swim. There was a very slight current assisting athletes as they swim parallel to the shore line before exited the water.




The bike course starts out flat and fast before taking riders into a series of rolling hills, giving them the chance to experience the beauty of the surrounding Maine farmland and countryside. Tall pine trees provide shade over much of the course, which winds through Saco, Dayton, Lyman, Waterboro, Hollis, and Old Orchard Beach. Most of the climbing is completed by the midway point with a long low grade climb on rte 5 (miles 10-15) and some rollers on South Waterboro Road (miles 19-25). The back half of the course consist of some fast flat/ downhill sections that bring you back into Saco. After that it’s a relatively flat and fast ride into T2.

Originally from: Maine 70.3 website




The run course is an out-and-back, giving athletes the chance to finish out the race on a flat and fast course that includes sweeping views of the Scarborough Marsh and over a portion of the storied Eastern Trail. Athletes will cross the finish line in downtown Old Orchard Beach.

Originally from: Maine 70.3 website




Not all races are created equal and this one certainly stands apart from the majority for many reasons.

It’s also a perfect set up for groups as we arranged to have our Team Tents set up at the finish line. The tents are a perfect place for supporters to hang out during the day and for athletes to escape the sun following their race. It also put us in the perfect spot to cheer for RTA teammates as they run down the finish chute.




CONGRATS to all of the athletes from Team RTA who competed in IRONMAN Maine 70.3!!!


Not only were we 2nd in our division, but we were 2nd among ALL TRI CLUBS who raced in Maine! Good work, Team!!!


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