Team RTA Takes on IRONMAN Lake Placid

Each year a group of athletes from Team RTA target IRONMAN Lake Placid as one of their top priority races. It’s an iconic race and needless to say, our triathlon club loves it. As a result, IMLP is an annual Team Race.

This year was IRONMAN Lake Placid’s 20 year anniversary. It is an incredible venue for athletes and spectators. It’s also the longest running IRONMAN in North America. All of this, only 4 hours from northern New Jersey. Jackpot!

If you’re thinking about signing up for an IRONMAN, THIS IS THE ONE!

This year we had a smaller group then usual, but none the less it was still an incredible race for all those who toed the line. Next year, we expect a bigger group including many first timers.

Pre Race Team Dinner

Each year we organize a pre race team dinner for athletes, family and friends. This year we reserved a private banquet room at High Peaks Resort, overlooking Mirror Lake. We try to do this at most of our team races. This helps athletes avoid long waits at restaurants the night before their race.

Pre race team dinners also allow athletes to ask last minute questions. And eating with teammates helps ease their nerves.

Additionally, this is a great time to share spectating tips including the best places to watch (the swim, bike and run) for “their athlete.”


The weather in Lake Placid is extremely unpredictable. However, race day turned out to be a great day for IRONMAN. It was cool (but not cold), cloudy and there was periodic rain showers.

All of the Team RTA athletes had a great day.

Each of the RTA coached athletes executed their race plans beautifully. The were each given specific targets to stick to for the race (heart rate, power, pace) as well as a race fueling plan.

It may sound crazy but each of these athletes finished within MINUTES of their pre race estimated time. AND they ALL had a huge smile as they crossed the finish line and heard the “voice of IRONMAN” Mike Reilly call their name.

In the end off the hard work and dedication over months paid off.


2018 IRONMAN Journey


Jeremy   |   Catherine   |   Ken 




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