On July 28th, 32 athletes from Team RTA Triathlon Club started the iconic IRONMAN Lake Placid and by midnight EVERYONE FINISHED! We had the most athletes of any group this year so there was plenty of team support to go around.

It’s hard to put into words just how special this event was for Team RTA so instead of trying, we created a short video to help caption the emotion from this triumphant weekend.




~~~This is what it LOOKS like,… but you’ll have to find out for yourself what it FEELS like… because it’s indescribable. ~~~




Athletes started to arrive in Lake Placid on the Thursday before the race. For full IRONMAN races, athletes can pick up there packets (race bibs, timing chips, ect) on Thursday and Friday for a Sunday race.



Starting Thursday morning and all day Friday we met with all of our coached athletes face to face, one at a time.

The purpose of the meetings were to review their race strategy and nutrition/fueling plans which are essential for long course triathlon events.

We sent all of our athletes a detailed race day plan earlier in the week so this was the perfect time for last minute questions from athletes. It was also an additional opportunity for our coaches to emphasize the important pieces of the plan and ensure full understanding.


Race Official Meeting

Friday afternoon RTA Tri Club members had the opportunity to hear from one of the race officials. About 18 athletes from RTA showed up to ask and clarify last minute race rule questions. Obviously no one ever wants a time penalty on race day, let alone a DQ! Dr. Bruce C (race official) volunteered his time and answered all of our questions. 

SIDE NOTE: Did you know you are allowed to run into the Lake Placid Pub mid race (along the race course) to grab a beer as long as you re-enter the course in the same place?!?!? LOL – True story!


Spectator Briefing

Saturday afternoon we offered a “spectator briefing” for all of our athlete’s family and friends who came to support them for the race. On race day it can be confusing as to where the best places are to cheer so we offered a “race day spectator plan” for all in attendance. 

While there are a lot of great place to cheer from in Lake Placid, the BEST place is from the Lake Placid Pub. They set up a massive tent in front of their restaurant and have a day long BBQ.

“The Pub” is one of our long time supporters and they are located along the bike and the run course. The bike passes by two times and the run 4 times. Further, the finish line is a quick walk from the Pub so no one misses “their” athlete’s finish line. 


Pre Race Team Dinner

Saturday evening (the night before the race) we organized a Team Dinner for all of our club members and their supporters. Because the village of Lake Placid is super crowded on race weekend no restaurants offer reservations our pre-arranged dinner offers a stress free way to get food and get to bed the night before the race.

This year we rented a room at High Peaks Resort and over 115 people attended. Coach Chris and Coach Elizabeth offered a few encouraging words and we took a quick group picture (for old time sake ;)) before heading to home to bed.



On race day in Lake Placid EVERYONE battled to the end and did GREAT on an exceptionally challenging day. It wasn’t easy, but it was a magical day for everyone.

All 32 of those from RTA who started the race, FINISHED! Of the 32, 18 were FIRST TIMERS and of the 32, 13 were women.

We couldn’t be more proud of you all.



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