How to Get the Most Out of Our Club


Why did you join Team RTA? People join triathlon clubs for a variety of reasons. More likely then not, meeting other like minded people and learning more about the sport fall somewhere on your list.

As an RTA club member, you get to enjoy a long list of benefits. Group workouts and various discounts are the most obvious, but that’s just the beginning.

Team Races, post race parties, social events, and access to two full time coaches are a few other benefits. In short, RTA is here to help connect you with your Teammates and ultimately help you achieve your goals.

Below I will help you understand how you can get the most out of your RTA triathlon club membership.



On our website, under TRI CLUB on the top menu bar is where you’ll find a link to the RESOURCES FOR RTA page.  Input the password that was provided when you joined the club and you will enter a top secret area of our website for club members only.



This is where you can find all current Team discounts. From local vendors to online retailers and race registration discounts, you will find that your membership will likely pay for itself in exclusive club savings alone.



The website password was included in your “Welcome Email” and/or the email entitled “IMPORTANT – New Password, discounts.” This was sent shortly after you joined the club and/or at the turn of the new year for returning members.


In addition to what was mentioned above, club members receive special “club” pricing on camps, clinics and other events throughout the year.


Team Roster

From the resources page you will find a link to our current Team Roster.  On the roster you will find the name, town and email address of current members. We strongly encourage you to use this and connect with club members that are close to where you live and have similar goals.

Show Your Colors!

It is not uncommon for random spectators to yell ‘GO RTA’ as you run or ride by at a race rocking our flashy team kit.   And, there’s NOTHING BETTER then when you get or give support to fellow teammates while racing. PLUS, our gear is bright, unique and hard to miss – which makes it easy for your fans to spot you on race day.

Team RTA - KYAH pre LP Half

As a member of Team RTA, you’ll likely want to rock some of the cool team gear while training, racing or drinking beer.

You can find a list of all of this super cool stuff on the Resources page. Please note that some of the items are ‘order only.’ If there’s something you don’t see, but you would like, please ask!


The more people on the team that you know and/or who know you, the more fun you will have and the more you will benefit from the club.

The best way to meet and learn from other members is to BE PRESENT!

However, you are certainly NOT expected or obligated to attend anything. We completely understand family, work and other commitments trump tri club activities :)

Team Google Group

Do you have a question about something? Are you looking for company on your next bike ride? Want someone to car pool with to your race? Feel free to email the Team Google Group with any an all questions. Send an email to RidgewoodTriAthlete@GoogleGroups.com and the entire team will get it.

Team Socials / Parties / Events

This is a great time to meet and get to know others in the group outside of training and racing. No spandex allowed! Events are typically (but not always) posted on the calendar page of our website. We also (always!) send out communication via our Team GoogleGroup.

Group Workouts

We understand that most people cannot make ALL of these, but when it fits into your schedule, come out and sweat it out with the group. And, don’t be shy if you’re a beginner… each group workout has room for ALL ability levels (unless otherwise specified).

Group workouts are the BEST way to get better and become fitter!

We recommend emailing the group before showing up for a workout for the first time, just to make sure it’s still on and the logistics posted on the calendar page are current.

Team Races

Our Team Races are always a ton of fun.  We typically get 15-30+ club members to participate and with our flashy team kits, we are hard to miss.  At most Team Races we end the day with a post race party and celebration at the Team tent and trailer – complete with food, drinks and music. At “destination races” we also like to plan pre-race Team Dinners.

While triathlon/running is technically an individual sport and we see it differently.

*Our set up for each Team Race varies based on the location, logistics and team participation of each race.


Become a Leader

We are always looking for new leaders within the group. Do you want to lead or organize a new or existing group workout? Are there ways you think the club can improve? Do you have a special talent that you would like to share? If you have any ideas or suggestions to make the club bigger and better… SPEAK UP!

There You Have It!

Remember, the more you put IN, the more you will get OUT!

There’s a steep learning curve to understanding the sport of triathlon, but with the help of your teammates and coaches Chris & Elizabeth you have lots of great resources. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or an old pro, we can all learn from each other.

Enjoy the journey and have an awesome season!



  • Alex Baron says:

    I have a group of guys who bike every weekday out of Ridgewood Starbucks at 530am which anyone is welcomed to join but these are strong riders.
    Mostly roadies and I would recommend keeping the TT bike home.

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