Lake Placid Training Camp

KYAH Lake Placid Triathlon Training Camp INCLUDES:
  • Daily swim, bike and run sessions led by coaches
  • Sag support for bike & run sessions
  • Breakfast and Lunch provided each day
  • Lectures or Workshop each evening
  • COMPLEMENTARY access to training fuel, provided by our sponsors
  • Saturday night group PARTY!
  • OPTIONAL – Townhouse accommodations (bunk style) .75 mi from downtown (Limited Availability)Highly recommend as it greatly adds to the experience at camp.


Elizabeth & Boomer - KYAH


PERFECT for athletes racing Lake Placid & an excellent training opportunity for 70.3® & Olympic distance athletes.

*You do NOT have to be a club member to attend Camp*


*Distance and volume can be adjusted based upon your current goals and fitness level


2021 Dates:

 May 27 – May 30 

 (Prep for Eagleman 70.3®, Musselman 70.3®, Mont-Tremblant 70.3® & IMLP)



Early Bird — $450 / $550 Non RTA

11/1/20 — +$50

4/1/21 — +$50

 JUNE 24 – JUNE 27

 (Prep for IRONMAN® Lake Placid, Musselman 70.3®, Maine 70.3®, AC 70.3®, TOUGHMAN Half®)



Early Bird — $450 / $550 Non RTA

12/1/20 — +$50

5/1/21 — +$50


(Prep for IRONMAN® Maryland, AC 70.3®, TOUGHMAN Half®)



Early Bird — $450 / $550 Non RTA

2/1/21 — +$50

7/1/21 — +$50






*2:00PM Camp Briefing. Review schedule, explain how camp will work, answer questions

*2:30PM BIKE 15 miles on run course. Make sure everything is working right

*4:00PM RUN ~5 mile – Key section of IM run course

*5:30PM SWIM – Swim 1 loop – 1.2 miles, Mirror Lake (Meet at IM swim start)

LECTURE: Race Fueling & Tire Changing Clinic

DINNER  – Lake Placid Pub & Brewery!


*8AM SWIM – Swim 1.5 – 2.4 miles. Meet on Mirror Lake Beach @ IM Swim Start.  Breakfast to follow swim

*11AM BIKE – 56 miles

*RUN off Bike – 6mi tempo on IM run course (includes key sections)

LECTURE: Race Logistics

*6:30PM-Dinner , Pizza; Early to bed


*6AM BIKE 56-112 miles – 1-2 loops of Lake Placid bike course. Depart 6AM SHARP.

*TRANSITION RUN Off the bike, 45 minutes (approx 4-5mi)

1 on 1 CONSULT w/ COACH(optional) – You choose topic 

*6:30PM DINNER Dancing Bears @ High Peaks Resort


*8AM RUN – 12-20mi IMLP Run Course (adjusted based on your goal race dist)

*1:00PM SWIM – 1.2 mi Mirror Lake (optional)

*2:00PM Bloody Mary’s @ The Breakfast Club (optional)

*4:00PM Lake Placid Boat Tour (Not included in camp fee, optional)



*!*!*All Bike & Runs will leave from Camp HQ at Pine Hill Condo’s





KYAH’s May 2017 camp exceeded every expectation I had.  As a non-RTA member, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of how much personal attention I’d get. 

Elizabeth and Chris went out of their way both before camp, and during, to make sure that my expectations were clearly set, and that I got what I was hoping to out of camp.  Weather conditions were far from ideal, but we didn’t adjust the training load at all, which was very important to me.  The schedule was clearly laid out on Day 1, and aside from some minor weather-related adjustments, we stuck to everything.  I was impressed at how strongly Elizabeth emphasized the schedule and made sure we all held ourselves accountable to the work that needed to get done.  The other members of the group were incredibly friendly and welcoming, and I felt right at home.  -Matt T

Thank you so much for your excellent KYAH camp this weekend. I appreciate your hospitality and amazing motivational spirit. What a beautiful and bountiful place to train as well. -Heather C

This camp is finished! I really saw what I was made of this week. In total I swam 3.6 miles, biked 185 miles and ran 33 miles. Getting through the past 4 days proved to myself I was ready for 140.6. God is good! Thanks to RTA for running the hardest/best camp on the planet :) -Khaleeqa

RTA Nation – just arrived home from an epic camp. I’ll post a more detailed recap later in the week but I wanted to take a few moments to thanks Elizabeth and Chris for providing a fantastic training camp. Even with the harsh weather we put in 4+ days of good hard yet fun training and everyone who attended achieved a personal record along the way. For me it was a PR in the LP half marathon the day after riding 113 miles. To my other fellow campers please post a recap so all in the Nation can truly understand why these camps are a must attend. Lastly before I get in big trouble, thanks to my wife Nancy for the great support in the Kia Soul SAG Wagon! -Eric K

Well this was my first KYAH/KYWAS experience and it was just amazing.  I learned so much and also got to know some pretty inspiring people who push themselves everyday.  Going in I thought this was going to be over my head, but I surprised myself with what you can accomplish with the right people by your side.-Eric K

Elizabeth/Chris… you both are amazing people who are truly inspiring, and Elizabeth back out on the road again showing us what your truly made of and reminding us to always reach into your back pocket for that little extra!! And Nancy, thank you for checking on my after my first screaming decent.. and I truly mean screaming :-) I was totally shaking after that.. thanks Looking forward to seeing you all in Syracuse 70.3 and the in IMLP – Susan S

Having now attended KYAH twice in the past 2 years, I can’t agree more with Eric’s accolades, including thanks to Nancy for her support!! With just two months of training this season after 5 months recovery from shoulder surgery, I swam the furthest distance ever! The camp provided an excellent transition from Olympic distance to Half IM all in the beautiful , though wet, LP environment. Above all I got to know some fantastic, supportive people who just so happen to be my teammates. In such an individualized sport, it’s so great to give and receive encouragement. Finally, no matter what her mother says, Elizabeth is an inspiration to us all, having pulled me up the 3 bears on her bike and still running a faster pace in the half marathon less than a week from a horrific bike crash. Chris, Eric, Ryan, and Tommy pulled me the rest of the way! These are the types of experiences that truly make us the RTA Nation! – Pete W

BIG thanks goes to Chris and Elizabeth…for not only coaching us through a cloudy and rainy weekend, but more so dealing with 6 of their athletes who had wet, rain and sweat-soaked clothing hanging in the front room everyday. (I should also give credit to Wilson and Paige who had to endure this smell while sleeping). And thank you Elizabeth for making BOMB-ASS burritos that were not only healthy, but also ridiculously delicious! The weekend was epic for all, and truly something not to be missed in the future! It not only gives us a chance to do what we all love, but also an opportunity to realize why we put in the countless hours and continue to train relentlessly, pushing ourselves to achieve more. It’s an innate force which we all share that drives us to be the best we can possibly be everyday, with the encouragement and support of great coaches and awesome teammates. I think Wilson said it, but being a part of RTA Nation, you would never think you were competing in an individual sport. It was a fantastic weekend with many laughs, and great times! -Tommy N


Thank you both again for putting together a great training weekend. I feel really prepared for Timberman both mentally and physically. Being able to have these focused weekends is a really huge benefit of training with you both. I realize that the timing, while perfect for me, was really hard for you both given where you both are in your recoveries, which makes your effort all the more appreciated. -John J (KYAH Lake Placid)

Having just come back from 4 days of training camp, there are some valuable lessons I have learned… 10-There is no such thing as too much chamois cream 9-The only easy day was yesterday (thx – JJ for that quote!) 8-Suffering is more fun with friends 7- Swimming in a lake in the rain is awesome 6-You are not supposed to feel good running 8 miles off the bike after riding for 3+ hours; 6a – HEED + Hammer Gel + Endurolytes = a nutritional trinity 5- Old Roy may have been a cinematic genius ;) (inside joke) 4- 8-10% grade is really not a big deal to climb on your bike 3- Margaritas can be used as a substitute to clean one’s hands in lieu of a wet-nap 2- It is possible to run 8 miles with your t-shirt on backwards without a degredation in run performance. 2a – It is possible to be so tired that you don’t even care if your t-shirt is on backwards! 1- I have trained hard enough to finish Timberman on 2 feet! -Steve Kass (KYAH Lake Placid)