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**Our open water swim clinics meet the NYC Triathlon Swim Requirement**

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2021 Registration OPEN

No black line to follow, No hard wall to push off!  Take the mystery out of the open water with this race day dress rehearsal.  Ridgewood Tri Athlete (RTA) will offer you the tips, tricks, and techniques that will develop your comfort and shave minutes off your open water swim. Heighten your knowledge and boost your confidence, leaving the beach with a new appreciation for the open water! 

“8 Tips to Boost Your Confidence For Your Next Open Water Swim”

“Conquering Open Water Swim Nerves”

by Coach Chris 

There will be lifeguards on duty and coaches in the water on kayaks/paddle boards.  We will divide the group by ability to provide the best experience possible for each athlete.

Less talk, more swimming! Based on the feedback we have received, we will spend only a brief time having our dry land discussion prior to swimming. We’ll provide our TOP TIPS to avoid anxiety and have the best swim to your ability on race day. Then we’ll review the basics of the various techniques that you will practice once in the water. The remaining time will be spent swimming and practicing on your own with the supervision of coaches and lifeguards.

Clinics will take place at The Crystal Lake Beach Club in Oakland, NJ. The gates to the beach will open at 6:30pm and we will start promptly at 6:35pm; 65 Lakeshore Dr.; Oakland, NJ 07436. 

*The Lake will be opening at 6:30pm JUST FOR US! Kindly wait in your car if you arrive sooner as Crystal Lake’s staff will not open up until 6:30pm. Thank you.*

What to Bring:

  • Swimsuit
  • Goggles
  • Swim cap (required)
  • Towel
  • Wetsuit (HIGHLY recommended)
  • Body Glide (optional)
  • Water Bottle

What You Will Learn:

  • Swim Start Strategy
  • Dealing With The Masses
  • Sighting
  • Drafting
  • Cornering buoys
  • Swim Exit
  • Wetsuit Removal

Cost per clinic:  $55 per person  |  $30 for RTA Club Members

Register NOW. Price increases the week prior to the clinic.

(early bird pricing listed above… price increases $5 one week prior)

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2021 Dates

Tuesday, May 25

Wednesday, June 16


Wednesday, June 30

Can’t make any of the dates? Would you like a little extra personal attention?

We can arrange a PRIVATE Open Water Swim Experience. Contact Us.

Need help swimming or want to get faster in the water?

We provide 1 on 1 Swim Instruction. Details HERE.

NOTE: Those attending should already know how to swim and be comfortable treading water. It is ok if you are not a very fast swimmer, but please understand this will NOT be a swim lesson. We require that all participants are able to swim 200 yards continuously in the pool in order to join our clinic.  

We will break up the group based on ability level




Comments from past participants:

Your open water clinic was tremendously helpful in completing my first half IRONMAN at Atlantic City 70.3! – Denis F

The clinic was extremely helpful and huge for confidence building. The best parts were the tips on sighting, learning how to properly put on my wetsuit and the time we spend in the open water. – Zach S

I was pleased with the clinic from beginning to end. I now feel very confident and I could not have it done without Chris and Elizabeth.– Tammy B

After having some anxiety recently, this class seemed to relax me completely. I am very glad I took the class. -Darren

How do you define a good coach? They help you get results. 4 sessions on swim, 2 of them open water swim clinics and 2 private in the pool. Time frame 4 weeks. Results: olympic tri lake swim improvement by 8 minutes. I call that excellent results! Thank you! – Kristina

I just wanted to tell you that I attended you class in preparation for the NYC Triathlon having never done an open water swim before and I found the lesson to be extremely informative and I learned a lot from it. The practice really helped me put the theory and concepts together and I am glad I joined the session. Thank you!” – Rafi

Practicing drafting has made me feel much more comfortable. I never knew where to swim relative to others and exactly how to draft. Now, I will actively try to get myself in behind someone and will feel more relaxed. Learning the proper way to “sight” was very helpful. OVERALL – Very informative clinic. -Sean L

Just wanted to let you know that we did the Wyckoff Tri yesterday! It was an amazing experience. It was so great to see Eileen and Susan there. My time was 2:29 and I enjoyed every second of it and finished strong coming across the finish line and with a smile!

Doing the open-water swim with you was definitely one of the best things that we did to help prepare.– Christeen I

Awsome Clinic, … I already used a few tips from last night’s class! – Dan K

Taught me to sight and pushed me to do something I would never try on my own which is drafting.– Jen R

Great clinic… Thanks so much.” – Susan S

It was a beautiful night for a swim and a PERFECT location. Thanks you!” – Sue M

I thought the swim clinic was very helpful. I did the Staten Island Pancake triathalon and was 3rd in my age group in the swim and 4th in my age group overall.” – Jocelyn G

I liked that the class was precise, and the personal comments. It is great to hear from experienced athletes and professional coaches. – Patricia


  • Ken Marino says:

    I just completed lap the lake and the Wyckoff Tri (my first). I can swim for an hour in the pool but have to do keep switching to the breast stroke in open water (Wyckoff Tri swim time 28:00 minutes) – ugly. I am not frightened but seem to be out of breath much more quickly. Tried switching to a no sleeve wet suit and it seemed to help a little but not the “solution” I hoped for. I ride my bike about 100 miles a week and am just beginning to increase my run mileage (6.4 miles at 9:36/mile on Sunday). I have signed up for a half ironman in September. Really worried about the swim. At this point I probably won’t make it. I live in Ridgewood and am 60 years old. Always been an athlete but the swim thing is killing me – will the Thursday class help someone like me?

    • Chris Kaplanis says:

      Ken – This clinic will absolutely help you. We will have a beginner and intermediate group. Athletes are welcome to switch groups mid clinic if they see fit.

      Over the last 6 years we have received termendous feedback from athletes in a very similar situation as yours.

      Feel free to contact me directly tomorrow afternoon if you have further questions.

      Hope to see you tomorrow night.

      Or via the contact button on our website.

  • Grace Spencer says:

    I signed up for N.J. sprint in July. Injury kept me out of water till now. Can swim 25 meters only . Back in water now attempting to do 3 days a week. was never a strong swimmer. Can you help?

    • Chris Kaplanis says:

      Hi Grace! Thanks for reaching out. Happy to hear you’re feeling better. We can certainly help you become a better swimmer. I would recommend getting a few 1 on 1 sessions with us BEFORE the open water swim clinic. As you may already know, we require OWS clinic participants to be able to swim 200 yards straight. It doesn’t have to be fast, we just ask athletes are reasonably proficient. Here’s the link to 1 on 1 Sessions:
      I will send you an email now :) -Chris

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