Run Webinar – Part 2

Please join us LIVE for coffee (virtually) on Tuesday, 7/28 @ 8:30am for Part 2 of our 2 part Running webinar series as we discuss how to “Run Mechanics for Speed & Injury Prevention.” This is perfect for total beginners and experienced runners alike.

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Tuesday, 7/28 @ 8:30AM

Can’t make it? ALL those registered, whether you attend live or not will be emailed a recording of the webinar along with the presentation slides to review and reference at your leisure.


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Have you ever been taught HOW to run? Most people have NOT and once they learn, it’s a total game changer.

Yes, there is a correct way to run and it can make a significant difference in overall efficiency, how you feel and how your body responds.

Join us for part 2 of our Running webinar mini series.

  • Picking the Right Sneakers
  • Why Mechanics Matter
  • Where & How to Land
  • Body Position
  • Vertical Oscillation
  • Use Your Arms?
  • Run Cadence

In the meantime, check out this article by Coach Chris

“3 Run Form Corrections”


Chris Kaplanis

Professional Coach & Co-Founder of RTA Triathlon

Bryan Del Rio

PT, Regional Director of Excel Physical Therapy, Certified Running Gait Analyst & IRONMAN Triathlete (RTA Club member)

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