RTA Triathlon Club UPDATE

Thanks for your interest in Team RTA triathlon club. We would love to have you join our club! However, I’m sure you have been wondering (like the many inquires we have received) what’s our current status and if now’s a good time to join.

From the VERY BEGINNING, we have done our best to “step up our game” during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

We have added several virtual elements to our club offerings in order to build, maintain and improve the camaraderie of our community (see some of these things below).

We have kept our group connected virtually (as always) but especially through this time.

You do not have to be from Ridgewood or even Bergen County to join our awesome Team. We have club members from ALL OVER New Jersey, but also New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and beyond. As a result, over the years, we have made it a priority to create ways to connect everyone and increase offerings/benefits regardless of physical location.

For example:

– Weekly Coached Virtual Group Ride (on your bike trainer) (Thursdays)

– Office Hours (Tuesdays) w/ Coach Elizabeth (Last week’s topic: Eating healthy on a daily basis…)

– Monthly Zoom socials

– Virtual Team Races (variety of distances). We did one May 17th (total HIT) and we’ll have another one June 20th. You can check out what we did here.

– Webinars (various topics)

NEW Team App

Additionally, we have a new Team App. Through it, we post internal announcements (discounts, events, club member highlights, ect) & club members are able to connect. This is the platform we encourage club members to connect and organize group meet ups (bike rides, runs, swims, ect).

Obviously, the pandemic has changed a lot and we’re not quite sure what the new normal is going to look like within our club and around the world. Regardless, based on member feedback, everyone has been happy making the best of the global situation.

Our Goal

It is our GOAL (& feeling) that in the end, we will emerge from this time time/experience as a stronger more connected group. And the GOOD NEWS is we seem to be turning a corner as restrictions are slowly be lifted and life is starting to resume.

If you are into triathlon and enjoy connecting with other like minded individuals, there’s no sense in waiting to join. Our club membership fee is fairly nominal – $99/year (& we reinvest membership dues back into the club). 

Join TODAY, Get Connected Immediately

Joining NOW will allow you to become connected starting today, rather than… down the road.

We hope this update helps with your decision. We would love to have you join the club. (You can join here)

If you have more questions or if you would like to chat, we are happy to give you a ring at your convenience. Feel free to CONTACT US HERE.

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