Always Do Your BEST!


On race day, jitters and nerves tend to peak. One way to deal with this is by promising yourself, you’re simply going to do your best.

The “butterfly” feeling is normal and expected. If you don’t get this feeling pre race, it may be time to find a different challenge.

Most athletes have a goal for each race. Whether you have a time goal, want to place in your age group or merely finish the race, we all tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves.

For your next event, remember this:

You shouldn’t be focused on the result/outcome. Instead, put all your energy into “giving it your all” & “doing your best.” If you do this, you’ll help alleviate any “pressure” you feel. Even if you don’t PR on that day, as long as you DO YOUR VERY BEST, you should still get a feeling of satisfaction.

This likely won’t cure your race day jitters, but it should help comfort you a bit. That and knowing pretty much everyone else is feeling the same way as you before the gun goes off.

By re-focusing on simply “doing your best,” you’ll not only get a great result, but you’ll feel much more accomplished with the result you get.

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