RTA Triathlon x Hyperice

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Hyperice, the leader in recovery technology. 

For the next two years, RTA coached athletes & club members will receive a *special discount on Hyperice’s suit of best in class recovery products (which includes NormaTec recovery systems). In addition, Hyperice will supply demo recovery equipment for each of the RTA Training Camps and offer added value promotions for RTA member throughout the year.

What’s EVEN BETTER is Hyperice will be supplying us with some of their BEST SELLING products to be used for **RTA Team Challenges / Competitions / Incentives for YOU TO WIN! 

*RTA Club: Please refer to the Team App for details

**Details coming soon!

As you may already know, Stress + Recovery = Fitness. In other words, in order to maximize your fitness and overall performance, recovery should hold the same priority as your actual training. It is also worth noting, the older we get, the more important recovery becomes.  

Hyperice strives to provide the innovation to help you move better, and the inspiration to reach your full potential.

Vision: Move Better

“We believe the quality of life is intimately connected to movement. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or seeking a healthier lifestyle, the way you move determines the way you feel. Our devices allow you to move better, so you can feel your absolute best.”

Hyperice Technology: Relentless Innovation

Hyperice connects the innovation of technology to the art of movement. Our products are designed with a synthesis of science and physiology to support and advance the human condition. Beyond just changing the game, we challenge the industry and forge a new way forward.

The Story Behind Hyperice:

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