As some of you may know we have a big group of athletes racing IRONMAN Lake Placid on Sunday (7/26). 


We have 13 from RTA racing IRONMAN Lake Placid AND another 50+ family, friends & club members cheering for those racing. There’s NOTHING BETTER then racing along side your teammates and having the support of others. 


Below is a list of who’s racing and how you can track them on race day.




For many, this will be their FIRST Ironman.


The race starts at 6:30AM on Sunday. It will be a “rolling swim start.” Every should be in the water by 7AM.


There should be live streaming video coverage of the finish line (and maybe other points on the race course). You will also be able to check in on RTA athletes and other friends you know racing by checking race splits throughout the day. There should be a link on IRONMAN’s website that says “IRONMAN Live.” This is where you can track athletes and potentially watch live streaming video. If you have no luck with the above link then here’s the link to the IRONMAN Lake Placid page. Here you will find add’l race details and logistics if you are interested.




KYAH Lake Placid - Group


If you’re “on the go” next Sunday but still want to follow athletes, there are two different mobile apps for your phone you can check out.

1. IronMobile

2. IronTrac




Here’s the list of RTA athletes racing and their bib number. 

IRONMAN Lake Placid 2015:


1. Chris Kaplanis – 1565

2. Elizabeth Kaplanis – 888

3. Eric Keil – 556

4. John Potter – 427 [FIRST TIMER]

5. Gene BOOMER Tuite – 2673 [FIRST TIMER]

6. Liz (Elizabeth) Urtecho – 241 [FIRST TIMER]

7. Catherine Petroski – 1181 [FIRST TIMER]

8. Dave Swezey – 2437 [FIRST TIMER]

9. Mike Curcio – 2502 [FIRST TIMER]

10. Rich Rubino – 2083  [FIRST TIMER]

11. John Lees – 2300 / 2301

12. Steve Brazell – 2476 [FIRST TIMER]

13. Freddy Galbraith – 1961 [FIRST TIMER]


IRONMAN is a brutally LONG and CHALLENGING race, BUT I cannot express HOW MUCH IT HELPS to be racing along side club members and HAVING THE SUPPORT OF OTHER CLUB MEMBERS from home and at the race.


Good luck to all the athletes racing!!!


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