Have DIRECTION & PURPOSE for your goals

Many events are too hard, long, and difficult to race or participate in on a whim. When the going gets tough – and it will – it is purpose that will help drive you forward.

We always encourage our athletes determine what their purpose is BEFORE getting started on their journey. Some common (yet general) examples include:

🔘In memory of a loved one or for a special cause / charity?

🔘To be a role model for your kids?

🔘To test your limits and redefine what’s possible?

🔘To help prioritize health and fitness?

🔘All of the above?

YOU determine your personal purpose and we’ll help bring purpose and direction to your daily workouts and training program. This will help ensure you will be at your very best on race day and fulfill your greater purpose. 🤙🏆😎

If you would like some help with this feel free to CONTACT US for a free training consult with an expert coach.

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