2020 will mark our 10th year in business together as … “professional triathlon coaches”…

WAIT! WHAT? … yup that’s actually a “job!!!” We still laugh when people ask us, “what do you do for work?” 😂

We would like to think of “what we do,” more as guiding people to achieve EPIC & EXTRAORDINARY GOALS by using health & fitness as the primary median. It has truly been a blessing. There is NOTHING BETTER than HELPING OTHERS achieve their PERSONAL GREATNESS.


Over the years we have made plenty of mistakes and we still do, but we have learned from all of them. We are continuously learning and evolving (personally & professionally). There have been lots of “HIGHS” with an equal amount of “LOWS.”

We have made a bunch of great friends. We have also lost some 🙁.

We have had to make sacrifices that made us wonder, “WHAT THE HECK ARE WE THINKING???”

–> See ya later lucrative careers

–> Bye bye fancy cars

–> Hello tiny apartment over a nail salon 

–> Good bye wedding money

–> yum yum yum – peanut butter & jelly for breakfast, lunch & dinner


…BUT the sacrifices have paid off and continue to do so. It’s not only on race day when our athletes cross the finish line we are reminded why we chose this path. Nearly every single day we get messages from athletes sharing personal triumphs & expressing gratitude as they overcome obstacles and achieve things for the first time.

… We have laughed and cried. We have received help (in all forms) from MANY special people (THANK YOU) – you know who you are 😉. We have had LONG days, sleepless nights and EARLY mornings, BUT it has ALL BEEN WORTH IT!

From our newsletter subscribers, to social media followers, club members, coached athletes past and present … THANK YOU all from the bottom of our heart for your support.

Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020!

Chris & Elizabeth Kaplanis
RTA Triathlon Co-Founders




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