Race Fueling & Nutrition for Triathlete

Nutrition is the fourth discipline in triathlon and an essential component to long course racing. Many triathletes screw this up, but YOU don’t have to.

Wait, you don’t have a nutrition plan?

Creating and nailing your nutrition plan will make a MAJOR difference in how you feel and ultimately how you perform on race day. Proper fueling will also enhance your day to day workouts and recovery.

In this webinar we will teach you how you can begin to create your own simple nutrition plan and the value of fueling not only on race day but during training. Additionally, we’ll touch on different ways you can ensure you have all of the calories you need on race day as well as simple self diagnosis tips to help you refine your plan. 


  • Pre Workout
  • 1 Hour Plan
  • During Workout / Race
  • Post Workout
  • Bottle Concentrates
  • Self Diagnosis

Presenter: Elizabeth Kaplanis. Professional coach and co-founder of RTA Triathlon. 

WHEN: Wednesday, 3/11 @ 7pm



Join us for an informative discussion on proper fueling & nutrition.


This webinar will be **FREE for RTA CLUB MEMBERS, but non members can join for only $10 (or you can join the club and have access to this and ALL of our webinars for FREE).

*This webinar will be recorded and available for those who register, but cannot attend the LIVE event. You MUST register to receive the recording and accompanying slides.

**RTA Club members – please refer to GoogleGroup email for special registration instructions

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