FREE Webinar for Triathletes

“Creating Healthy & Sustainable Routines!”

LIVE – Thursday, 1/21 @ 12pm

Routines and habits are one of the most important aspects of sports that athletes (of ANY level) can develop to improve their health, fitness, training and competitive performances.

Although, we often set out with good intentions, many fail to actually establish a routine (let alone a habit) that sticks and ultimately pays off.
We will discuss best practices and common pitfalls including actionable steps one can take to help ensure success.

When: Thursday, 1/21 @ 12pm EST

Where: Zoom (registration below)

Who: Triathletes looking to be successful in 2021



Chris Kaplanis
Professional Coach & Co-Founder of RTA Triathlon

*This webinar will be recorded and available for those who register, but cannot attend the LIVE event. You MUST register to receive the recording and accompanying slides.

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