Hard Work and Dedication

We would like to highlight Simon F who has continued to improve in triathlon during the 2018 season. His personal achievements haven’t stopped stacking up and he continues to improve his swim, bike and run metrics year after year.
WOW! 4 years ago, I would have been happy with getting past the barrier of a 2 mile run without stopping.  I was unfit, asthmatic, and very much a non-believer that I could ever do “something like this sport”. – Simon

One highlight in his 2018 season was when he WON the competitive 40-44 age group at the JerseyMan Triathlon in Lebanon, NJ in May.

“Overnight Sensation”


This is the 4th year RTA Triathlon has been coaching Simon and each year he continues to improve. For example, in the time he’s been working with RTA, he has increased his FTP (functional threshold power) on the bike from 180 to 285 watts! If you’re unfamiliar with watts and FTP, think of it as horse power.  His race results have reflected a similar trajectory.


Simon is an incredibly busy guy with lots of responsibilities. Between family, work and social obligations, he doesn’t have much time to think about what he needs to do for training or how he’s going to fit it in. Quite simply – he has no time to waste trying to “figure things out.”


Here’s a funny story: A couple years ago at Simon’s 40th birthday bash, we had the chance to meet many of his long time friends. Each of them could not believe his journey as a triathlete. He was always the “party guy,” they all said. “We would have never guessed in a million years he would be crushing it in triathlon.”  Surprise, fellas! And the best part is, Simon still finds time to have a good time.

4 months into training with RTA, I did my first sprint triathlon. 14 months on from that, I completed Ironman Lake Placid and have shattered my beliefs about not only my physical ability, but also my mental attitude (even beyond the world of triathlon).
– Simon
Needless to say, Simon’s progress has been INCREDIBLE and it’s a testament to his consistent hard work and dedication.
I’ve found so much more than I ever hoped for working with Elizabeth and Chris and the whole RTA family. – Simon


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