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Are you a Tri Coach? OR… Are you an triathlete who likes to know what goes on behind the “scene?” Join Coach Elizabeth Kaplanis as she and IRONMAN U® Master Coach, Matt Dixon breakdown two real life athlete scenarios.



**POSTPONED Until Wednesday, Oct. 2nd @ 12pm EST**


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Wednesday, Sept. 25th @ 12pm EST. IRONMAN U ® will be hosting their second Coach to Coach Show with Matt Dixon (Purple Patch Fitness) & Elizabeth Kaplanis (RTA Triathlon). It will also be broadcasted on Facebook Live!


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Scenario #1:  An athlete with serious health issues (coming off Chemo & Radiation) that is bound and determined to race. There will be discussion around the ethics and ultimately a plan to move ahead with athletes in this situation.  More often than not we run into this situation with athletes looking to put a health issue in the rear view mirror by accomplishing a major goal. 


Conversation points: 

– Increased Recovery-being sensitive to his compromised state 

– Replacing runs with rides

– Splitting longer run efforts

– Extra diligent about fueling, stretching, sleeping, rolling ect 

Scenario #2:  An elite level athlete that is “coming off” that lifestyle to focus on family.  But of course…that competitive desire is still there.  How do you take that 20 hour per week athlete down to 10 and meld life with accomplishments. 


Conversation points: 

– How to organize the week—-> organize the week into 14/21 day cycles rather than cramming it all in 7 days 

– Prioritizing workouts

– Replacing quality for quantity

– Using swim and bike to aid in Boston Marathon prep

– Keeping motivation high and reinforcing that excellent results can still be achieved with reduced time commitment 

Recorded Show


Coach the Coach- Matt D from World Triathlon Corporation on Vimeo.

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