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Stress + Recovery = Fitness Gains

When it comes to training for a triathlon (or run race or ANYTHING), stress followed by recovery equals a stronger and fitter athlete. As such, stress needs to be managed throughout training in order to reap results. However, stress is not mutually exclusive to “training stress” and therefore many age group athletes screw this up.



At any given point in time most endurance athletes know a friend, colleague or coworker who is battling an injury.  Or worse, maybe it’s you who is suffering from a run induced or related injury.

There is no question, INJURIES SUCK!

Unfortunately this is not uncommon as studies show that about 60-65% of all runners/triathletes are injured, at some point, during an average year (by definition, an ‘injury’ is a physical problem severe enough to force a reduction in training).  While running injuries are the most common among triathletes, swim and bike injuries can also occur and are just as frustrating.

Below we will look at examine the leading causes of injuries and what you can do to be proactive in preventing them.