FREE Webinar for Triathletes

“Creating Healthy & Sustainable Routines!”

LIVE – Thursday, 1/21 @ 12pm

Routines and habits are one of the most important aspects of sports that athletes (of ANY level) can develop to improve their health, fitness, training and competitive performances.

Although, we often set out with good intentions, many fail to actually establish a routine (let alone a habit) that sticks and ultimately pays off.
We will discuss best practices and common pitfalls including actionable steps one can take to help ensure success.

When: Thursday, 1/21 @ 12pm EST

Where: Zoom (registration below)

Who: Triathletes looking to be successful in 2021



Chris Kaplanis
Professional Coach & Co-Founder of RTA Triathlon

*This webinar will be recorded and available for those who register, but cannot attend the LIVE event. You MUST register to receive the recording and accompanying slides.


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RTA Triathlon x Hyperice

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Hyperice, the leader in recovery technology. 


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Our virtual (coached) group rides are back!  These will be fun, challenge your fitness and add accountability to your winter triathlon training routine. (club members please refer to the Team App)

Starting next Tuesday (1/12) we will resume our virtual rides on Zwift & Zoom. 

And while we understand it’s possible the times offered may not be what you’re used to, the ACCOUNTABILITY and FUN of working out along side others is DEFINITELY worth it.


Each December, just before the new year, I go for a run on a discrete and private snow-covered road in Lake Placid. I use this run as a time to reflect on the previous year. Here are a few thoughts that came to mind as we close out the 10th year of RTA…


Hey Team!!!!  Gobble Gobble! 

The time has come to enjoy some yummy Turkey and all the fixings!  But first, we must prime the bellys!

2020 has certainly been a memorable one—But as with any time in life, there is so much to be thankful for. 



FREE Webinar for Triathletes

“What You Should Be Doing… NOW!”

LIVE – Thursday, 11/19 @ 7pm


The late fall and early winter can be a tricky time of year for triathletes. The weather is getting cooler and the days shorter. HOWEVER, if this time is used well, it can set you up to have an incredible season in the year to come.



November’s FUN Team Challenge

Show Your MO!

Every year, on November 1, men emerge clean shaven, vowing to grow a mustache throughout the month of November to support men’s health. These are our fathers, brothers, partners, and friends. We believe in the importance of supporting this work, so we created a challenge.  Commit to being active every single day in November to take the Mustache Challenge.  


How Long Will It Take Me to Prepare for My Triathlon?

“How long will it take for me to prepare for a triathlon / my race?” This is one of the most common questions athletes ask their coach before they begin training for a triathlon or run race.

However, without learning more about the individual athlete, the best answer that can be given is, “it depends.”

Obviously, this is a generic answer to a generic (yet common) question. Never the less, below I will highlight a few factors that can increase or decrease each athlete’s timeline as well as a list of a few ideas to consider when trying to determine what YOUR timeline should look like.


Season Planning Made Easy

Success in triathlon and life in general, typically starts by setting goals, creating a plan and then executing that plan. We refer to this process as season planning and done correctly, it will help set you up for success.

The fall and early winter are a great time of year to start planning for next season. Races are beginning to open up and many popular races sell out FAST.

Below I will outline a simple, but effective, approach to set yourself up for a super successful year.




Can you imagine swimming 2.4 miles and riding 112 miles with 1 hand? Me neither! However, despite having only 1 hand, Jim Williamson knew he could do it.

So, with the support of his family and a little guidance from his coaches, Jim set out to prove, “anything is possible!”



Have DIRECTION & PURPOSE for your goals

Many events are too hard, long, and difficult to race or participate in on a whim. When the going gets tough – and it will – it is purpose that will help drive you forward.

We always encourage our athletes determine what their purpose is BEFORE getting started on their journey. Some common (yet general) examples include:


Drew’s Motivation Behind His Virtual Boston Marathon
First and foremost, we’d like to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to RTA coached athlete Drew C! He CRUSHED the 2020 Virtual Boston Marathon last month by running a 🔥3:05🔥 with a negative split of 1:30 on the back half. 😯 OUTSTANDING, especially considering all of the circumstances.
This was all done on his lightest run volume ever and in a very limited time frame leading up the the race.


Don’t Underestimate Race Fueling & Nutrition

Many athletes don’t fully understand the importance and value of proper nutrition while training and racing. Even those who do “get it,” don’t always have the most effective plan in place (for them). However, those that have their nutrition plan 100% dialed in, perform significantly better and recover faster.

To be clear: I am specifically talking about what an athlete consumes immediately before, during and after a race or training session.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it should be as simple as possible so that it becomes thoughtless and easy to execute. Below I will provide 2 TIPS and a high level outline to help get you on track.