Awesome is an understatement!


They don’t only help you to build your endurance but your confidence as well.


Amazing teammates is just the icing on the cake!

- Martha K

Chris and Elizabeth – I have been meaning to write y’all all week. Thank you so much. You were the smiling, familiar, and encouraging people I needed to see. Wow who would have thought miles 13-26 would be such a shit show zombie land. Seeing you guys and the “special” attention I got definitely helped out a ton. I can’t thank you enough and the camps proved like expected to be a big help when racing. I was out of the water in 56 minutes. My bike split was 5:50 almost negative splitting it. My zombie run was a 4:01. Not a bad finish at 10:56 for my first ever. Looking forward to more stronger performances in the future. Looking forward to seeing you in Maine. It is going to be a fun weekend. Thanks Again.

– Trevor S, Consultant

Chris / Elizabeth – I just wanted to formally thank you for all the work you put in coaching me and my fellow charity team members, especially at some of the ungodly hours we met. I felt like all the things you guys drilled into us about hydration/staying calm/ being prepared was amazing as all of that stuff was perfect yesterday… I was very happy with my swim, I didn’t push it like crazy and I made it through the run dispite twisting my ankle in T2 (x-rays later revealed 2 small fractures). All in all it was an incredible experience, vibe and moment in my life and I could never have done it without you guys… RTA rocks!

– Elli O, CEO

Just wanted to let you know that we did the Wyckoff Tri yesterday! It was an amazing experience. It was so great to see Eileen and Susan there. My time was 2:29 and I enjoyed every second of it and finished strong coming across the finish line and with a smile! Doing the open-water swim with you was definitely one of the best things that we did to help prepare. We passed the word around about your Club!

– Christeen I

I just wanted to tell you how my first ride after the fitting went. Today I went 80 miles, the longest ride to date on that bike. I was much more comfortable both in and out of aero position. I probably spent over 60% of the time in aero position. I was also noticeably faster. I went through my ride history and found that I was over a mph faster today than I’ve been on any ride over 40 miles. It felt like a different bike. My half hour transition run also went very well, I was happy with my pace and didn’t feel fatigued. I can’t express how happy I am with the changes you made. Thank you so much, this has a huge effect on my training.

– Todd R, CFO

I have to say the 3 sessions I took so far have been well worth it and my swimming has drastically improved since I first came to see you. I actually did 400 yards straight today and would have kept going if it were not for time constraint. You guys are running a great business thank you.

– Izzy, Police Officer.

Things I love about RTA: every workout was geared to get me to the finish line. Nothing was wasted! The support, knowledge and strength of coaches Elizabeth and Chris – that when I doubted myself they were there to help me run through the pain, get over the fear and conquer the unknown (literally). The camaraderie of the RTA athletes – so that you’re never alone at a starting line and always with friends; but most of all it’s the pure love of what they do and their desire to see all of us succeed. Thank you Elizabeth and Chris!

– Susan M, Health Coordinator

Finally got on the bike for a 20 mile ride today. What a difference. I easily picked up 1 MPH with same perceived effort. Thanks for helping me get aligned.

– Dave S, Sales

I would describe the race as smooth from start to finish without red zoning it at all. I knew I was on a special day when I passed some of the usual suspects who typically leave me in the dust. … I was proud to wear the RTA Tri top and show it off near the front end of the pack and at the awards ceremony.

– Steve Katz, Attorney

I appreciate your knowledge, your enthusiasm and your friendship. Thank you for helping me achieve what I have already and for helping me know what to do next. All that’s left is the doing. I am so in.

– John J, COO

Nothing would have been possible without the help of my coaches Elizabeth Wittmaack and Chris Kaplanis with Ridgewood Triathlete. Their guidance, support and friendship have enabled me to do things I couldn’t do on my own. If anyone is thinking of getting a coach – do it. It was the smartest thing I ever did. Look up Elizabeth and Chris on the web or on FB and give them a shout, you won’t regret it.

– Kass, Nuclear Engineer

The bottom line is that I could not have done it without the guidance, support and inspiration I have gotten from Elizabeth and Chris. Their knowledge in training and race nutrition is invaluable.

– Chris P, Executive VP

I cannot overemphasize how valuable having a good coach has been for me. My results improved in quantum leaps once I was given a structured training plan with the guidance of experienced coaches.

– Jay M, Police Officer

It was surreal coming down to the finish line knowing that everything I had put into the last 11 months of training had paid off. I crossed the finish line, I finished and the photo shows I was smiling, even though I was not sure at that time.” … “This past year has been an amazing journey with my RTA team mates and coaches.

– Kim K, Teacher

The personalized attention and customized plans they put together for me exceeded my expectations. It took the guesswork out of training and they were always available to answer my questions and explain anything I needed clarification on.

– CK, GE Capital

A coach is the one thing I will never give up in terms of triathlon. You can take my sneakers and I’ll run barefoot, take my Specialized and I will ride my Trek road bike but do not take my Coach. They are my counselors, motivators, inspiration and all around wellness gurus for me. I can say this with confidence.

– JB, Honu Way To Live

With Elizabeth & Chris’s knowledge and experience of the sport coupled with their energetic and positive attitude, I was able to accomplish everything and MORE than I originally thought possible.

– MG, J&J Worldwide

Frankly, while we work hard and I get that “kick in the ass when I need it”, they make it a lot of fun. For me, they are a great fit.

– RD, Accountant

With such a busy schedule, I had no idea how I was going to train for my first triathlon. With my trust in the hands of Elizabeth & Chris, I was able to successfully balance work, family, and training. I was able to accomplish all this AND beat my race goal. I was extremely pleased with their coaching and would recommend her to ANYONE!

– SP, Physician

When I train with Elizabeth & Chris…I get to that point where I think I’ve had enough. THEN they motivate me to find that little bit more! They are SO knowledgeable and practical with my training.

– Steve A, Private Estate Mgmt

Ridgewood Tri Athlete has been such a blessing. I never ever thought I would be able to run a half marathon! I beat my goal by over 30 minutes! With the help of the Race Day Sherpa service, Elizabeth & Chris ran with me the whole time. They told me when I was going too hard and guided me on when to take in salt and calories! It was a day never to forget.

– Terry W, Man Around The House (as seen on DIY “Brother’s On Call”)

Elizabeth’s passion and love for the sport is so inspiring. For coaching, she applies an extremely successful personal experience that comes from years of training and racing. I know that training with her gives one the motivation to push harder and improve their performance. I know this because she has helped me become a better triathlete.

- CL, Morgan Stanley

From basic bike handling skills to great race tips before my first half Ironman, Elizabeth & Chris really encouraged me and gave me the power to access the Ironman within myself!

- AC, Designer

I was hoping to finish the swim in under 35 minutes …I came out of the river in about 31, which I was very happy with …. There is absolutely no way I could have done any of this without the support and help of my coaches Elizabeth and Chris and without Bev (wife). Their guidance and support have been invaluable.

- SK, Professor

I feel like I have made a lot of progress in my swimming in just the few weeks that I have been working with you and Elizabeth. The video really drives home the point that I need to relax and slow things down and focus…

Wow! I just watched the video from our first session and compared to today’s video and the difference is night and day.

– Julie C, Chief Risk Officer

I joined RTA having signed up for my first Ironman. I was looking to put all of my chips into this race and without them I could not have done this. The fact that all I have to think about is working out makes life a lot easier. They enable the training to fit into life. We work hard and we play hard! RTA is the way to go!

- Koral, Physical Education teacher (former collegiate runner)

It has been 5 months since I started training with RTA. Since then I have lost 40 lbs, completed 4 triathlons including 3 sprints and an Olympic distance a few weeks ago… If you told me that I would be able to do that 5 months ago, and not only finish, but finish strong, I would not have believed it. I have already signed up for my first half Ironman next June, 70.3 miles and I am not at all concerned about it. Elizabeth and Chris are amazing.

– Brad H, SVP