Monthly Archives: March 2020

Virtual Ride #2

WHEN: Thursday, 3/26 @ 7:00pm

WHERE: Virtual Meeting (register above)

WHO: ANYONE who wants a little company while they get a coached workout. FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Feel free to share with friends.


~ COVID-19 Virtual Group Ride Details ~

This week’s workout: “JUICY”

Total Time: 60 minutes

Warm up:

  • 10 minutes slowly increasing resistance: 55 –> 65% of FTP
  • 2:30 min @ 65% FTP
  • 2:30 min @ 75% FTP 



  • AERO – 8:30 min @ 80% FTP
  • SURGE – 1:30 min @ 100% FTP
  • Stay at Front – 5:00 min @ 88% FTP
  • Recover – 5:00 min @ 55% FTP

Cool Down:

  • 5:00 min down to 45% of FTP


COVID-19 Virtual Group Rides

In our effort to train together and engage socially during this unprecedented time, we will be offering regular Virtual Group Rides. Our hope is that this will help you all stay fit & focused while keeping morale high.

So if you’re ready for a fun and engaging bike workout to help boost your cycling fitness, do the right thing & join us for some fun.


Race Fueling & Nutrition for Triathlete

Nutrition is the fourth discipline in triathlon and an essential component to long course racing. Many triathletes screw this up, but YOU don’t have to.

Wait, you don’t have a nutrition plan?

Creating and nailing your nutrition plan will make a MAJOR difference in how you feel and ultimately how you perform on race day. Proper fueling will also enhance your day to day workouts and recovery.