Test Results

We regularly test and re-test our athletes throughout their training programs. Positive test results ensure the athlete’s custom training plan is “working.” If results do not show improvement, it allows us time to ask, why, and make the necessary adjustments PRIOR to race day.

Test results provide us with valuable data for creating future workouts in order to maximize fitness gains for the athlete.  Ultimately the data will help to establish their race day strategy. Needless to say, the end goal is to put our athletes in optimal position to have the best race possible.

We are proud of our athletes and the hard work and dedication they put toward training. Below are a some of the test results we have seen recently.


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ATTENTION everybody – we have a very important announcement to make: Alisa just NAILED her SWIM and BIKE Tests. She is training for her first IRONMAN and the new test data indicates she will finish her SWIM ~5.5 minutes FASTER and she will complete her BIKE ~60 minutes FASTER. This improvement was made in ONLY 6 weeks. Now that serious!



Liz is training for IRONMAN Lake Placid. She is not new to triathlon, but It will be her first at this distance and she is going to CRUSH IT. Hard work pays. Keep it up!



Someone’s going to find less bikes in T2 this year. Now that’s something to SMILE about! Giancarlo SMASHED his Bike Test!!! Taking his FTP from 190 —> 232 Watts fo an ALL TIME HIGH. LAST March he was at 200. ¡¡¡Gran trabajo mi amigo!!! @latorregiancarlo will be doing his first @ironmantri in Lake Placid in July.



WAIT! WHAT?!?? Better check your watch one more time, buddy. Tommy just took 1:26 PER MILE off of his run test. This was done over 9 weeks and it’s only March. Oh, and BTW – he lost a couple pounds :) It all goes together and Tommy has been putting in the work! Keep it up my man, IRONMAN Lake Placid will be here before you know it.



Watch out people, SHE’S BACK and GETTING STRONGER daily! Amy will be doing her firstIRONMAN at IRONMAN Lake Placid in July. Can’t wait to greet her at the FINISH LINE!!! Keep up the good work!




SHOUT OUT to Jim. He just CRUSHED his Swim Test. Learn the 5 things he did to SWIM FASTER. LINK: http://ridgewoodtriathlete.com/faster-triathlon-swim-time/



Can you say, FISH! Fernando’s new T-pace is down to 1:15/100. 7 weeks ago it was 1:19/100. And LAST March it was 1:25/100. Do the work and you will get the results! Fernando & his brother will be doing their first IRONMAN in Lake Placid in July. Keep grinding, my man!



SHOUT OUT to Catherine! Fastest run pace EVER w/ a 9:05/mi. 7 weeks ago she was at 9:34/mi. LAST March @ 9:55/mi. And wayyyy back when we started a few years ago 10:32/mi. Consistent hard work equals gradual improvement. Nothing happens overnight. EXCEPT dropping your run pace by :30 sec in 7 weeks is pretty AWESOME! Keep up the good work.



Chris is a former NCAA football player. He’s a natural athlete, but lacked the traditional endurance sport background. We have been coaching Chris for 3 years now and he continues to improve each year in all 3 disciplines. He trusts the plan, puts in the work and gets the results!


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