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October 20 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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RTA’s 5th Annual BEER MILE


Join the race (you definitely should) or come cheer on others

Please RSVP to Chris

~~~ NITTY GRITTY @ the Bottom ~~~

**We will provide beer for all participants but you’re welcome to bring your own – 4 Total** 

**NEW THIS YEAR: Seltzer Mile**

A few things:

– Budweiser is the official beer BUT it can be any beer 5% or greater

– Needs to be in a can


The top 3 Men & Women from RTA will have their legacy solidified on the RTA Plaque


The BEER MILE will be used to raise funds for the Taylor Aguilar Scholarship Fund.  This fund seeks to raise funds for children with special needs to honor Taylor’s memory. More about this below. 

The Nitty Gritty:


1) PLEASE PLEASE come out and support this great cause.  As one of the larger triathlon clubs in NJ, we have the power to make a difference.  
2) The rules…So yes, there is beer drinking and running.  But…DON’T BE SCARED>  YOU CAN DO IT!  There will be a women’s race and a men’s race.  Podium is top three in each division.  Winner gets bragging rights for the next year.
3) Back to the rules….its pretty easy.  Drink a beer…run 1/4 mile loop…drink a beer…run 1/4 mile loop….repeat…repeat.  So 4 beers…1 mile.  If you puke, you run an extra loop.  If you puke after you finish….no penalty. :)This is ACTUALLY a sport and RTA did not make this up.  Feel free to YouTube videos…the world record is pretty impressive.




1) RTA will donate the beer.  
2) It’s a $20 cash donation per head…..even to spectate. You don’t have to donate $20, you could donate MORE, … or less. Whatever you’re comfortable with.
For each RUNNER–RTA will match your donation.  So for each runner, the scholarship fund gets $40. For each spectator, the fund gets $20.  SO PARTICIPATING will have the biggest impact.  Feel free to donate more if you’d like. This year we are accepting VENMO & Check as well as CASH.
Venmo: @Chris-Kaplanis
3) It’s going to be great fun and lots of laughs.  We hope you run, but even if you don’t, PLEASE come out and spectate and donate for this GREAT cause.  Just by showing up, you can make a difference.


The race BEGINS AT 2PM this SATURDAY 10/20.  


PLEASE plan to be at our home by 1:45pm.  We should be DONE by 3pm.  
Come around back when you arrive.
Thanks Team!! We are counting on YOU to make a difference!


MORE INFO on the cause:

Taylor and her brothers MJ and John were born on March 5, 2007.   Shortly after birth Taylor was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a heart defect, which required surgery to repair when she was just 6 weeks old.
Taylor began to experience issues with her lungs when she was 2 years old.  She braved her way through numerous lengthy hospital stays and various surgeries, including the removal of a large part of her intestine and a tracheotomy.   Ultimately, Taylor’s ailments proved to be too much and she passed away on October 16, 2014.
The Fund seeks to keep Taylor’s memory alive by helping other children with special needs through various fundraising efforts. 
Anna and Mike Aguilar have been long time RTA club members and great supporters.


October 20
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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