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Women in Triathlon

Proportionally speaking, the number of women in triathlon is low. This is disappointing, because given the right tools, women regularly excel in the sport. With a little inspiration, a good dose of determination and proper guidance, sky’s the limit when it comes to women in triathlon.


Why Not Me?!?!

In July of 2016 we coached Simon, Joe and Brian to their first IRONMAN finish line in Lake Placid.

Needless to say, it was an EPIC feat and an incredible accomplishment.

Not only was it a life changing experience for these three men, who all met as members of Team RTA, but it was a game changer for their wives.

Following IRONMAN, each of their wives separately asked themselves, “why not me?” None of them were runners. They hadn’t ever been on road bikes. And none of them had experience swimming laps. Additionally, they were all busy, working mom with not a lot of free time.

However, this didn’t stop them. Instead of saying “some day,” they made the decision to get to work immediately.